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Neutroon is a SaaS cloud platform making Private 5G/LTE and edge computing easy, scalable and cost-effective for enterprise IT. With Neutroon users can orchestrate and manage multiple Private 5G plus edge computing nodes from a single UI and API. In order to achieve this, Neutroon integrates different RAN vendors into its multi-tenant cloud API. Vendors including Baicells, Node-H, Amarisoft, Accelleran, BTI Wireless and Airspan, can already be configured and monitored from a single pane of glass with Neutroon. Neutroon also radically simplifies the deployment of edge apps leveraging the 5G network thanks to its Hyperslicing™ technology. This unique approach segments each on-premise network end-to-end, from the RAN until the edge/cloud app, improving SLA-adherence, observability and cybersecurity.

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