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Consortium members’ products and services are proven to be compatible elements for a high-performance private mobile network (PMN). Each product or service aligns with one of the essential products or services that make up the Private Mobile Network Implementation Wheel.

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Teal’s wholly owned and patented eSIM platform connects any IoT device to any network worldwide. Teal gives customers the freedom to choose the network they want within one platform they control and is the world’s first and only US-based, GSMA certified eSIM platform. Learn more at 


Tessco supplies more than 65,000 products from 250 of the industry’s top manufacturers in mobile communications, Wi-Fi, Internet of Things (“IoT”), wireless backhaul, and more. Tessco is a single source for outstanding customer experience, expert knowledge, and complete end-to-end solutions for the wireless industry.

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    Workz, a dynamic subscriber solutions provider, delivers a full suite of intelligent, future-proof eSIM and SIM solutions from hardware to software and over-the-air subscriber management services. It has been consistently recognized by various market commentators as one of the leading names in telecoms and the proven alternative to expensive, traditional SIM providers. Since 1997, the company has managed billions of connections across five continents for some of the world’s most renowned brands. It is European-owned, with headquarters in Dubai and offices across the world. One of only five providers in the world to be certified by the GSMA to manage the complete eSIM lifecycle from production, data generation and personalization, to subscription management and discovery services, across both the consumer and M2M markets, Workz is also the world’s largest manufacturer of telecom (SIM and prepaid) cards.


    X4000 Communications is a leading 5G digital service provider to enable new business capabilities focused on enterprise, industry 4.0 and public safety for private 5G and rapid response tactical communications specializing in 5G technology.

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