Post-delivery support

What is post-delivery support?

Your system integrator (SI) will research, present solutions, and execute the deployment of your private mobile network (PMN). However, installation is not the end of the story. Following deployment, you will likely need support with ongoing tasks beyond your SI’s scope. This gap is where post-delivery support comes in.

What do post-delivery support services do?

After installation, there are many actions you will need to take over time to fully leverage your PMN investment. Post-delivery support services augment your internal team to accomplish a variety of tasks:

  • Software maintenance
  • New feature addition
  • Upgrades due to feedback and increased demand

What are the benefits of post-delivery support?

Post-delivery support teams are PMN specialists. They research and stay abreast of the newest developments in the industry. Because they work with multiple clients, they have deep experience optimizing and troubleshooting PMNs. These days, with IT teams pushed to the limit, post-delivery services are generally welcome support for ongoing PMN tasks.

Post-delivery support members

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Federated Wireless is the leading innovator of private wireless and shared spectrum services. The company’s partner ecosystem includes more than 50 solution and edge partners, all of which are dedicated to advancing the development and deployment of shared spectrum services.

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